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About Us

a familiar story!

During the first part of the 80s, Rigoberto Perez and Jose Polo Perez arrived on American shores from Degollado Jalisco, with little more than a suitcase and a dream of a better life.  As immigrants they find themselves facing unimaginable obstacles. After a decade are reunited with (familiar faces), "Los Primos" , cousins and relatives working together in another Mexican restaurant.  

Los Primos "The Cousins"

Rigoberto, Polo, Cesar,Juan Carlos, Alejandro, Angela, Jose y Jesus spent many years working, until one day,  the idea of putting something together, and to make a name for themselves, was too strong to let it pass.   Now in April 2015, is the date set to open "Los Primos Mexican Restaurant" and united as family they bring more than 15 years of experience to every dish. Jesus Garcia cooks with passion, inspired by the hometown flavor of his Mom and Grandmother, also mentored from day one by his uncle Jose.   Enchiladas Verdes, Fajitas and Carne Asada are his picks from a Menu that has something to offer to the entire family.  Also, Catering is provided for parties interested in having Meeting or Family Gatherings. Los Primos offers a great understanding how to combine and balance flavors to create memories for those living in Chesapeake and to the travelers passing by, from around the world. 

(to see more about this beautiful city of Mexico, near Guadalajara, click on the link above and experience the history and whereabouts of Degollado, Jalisco, Mexico.)
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